Nick Danziger


“With nothing else to do …”120cm x 80cm “Broken fire hydrant, Parkhead” 51.5cm x 40 cm “Peeresses in the Chamber…”51.5cm x 40 cm
“Great Court – Founded by Henry VIII” 51.5cm x 40cm “Dog chasing a Frisbee. Leiston, Suffolk” – 51.5cm x 40cm “Sandhurst’s Passing Out Parade” 51.5cm x 40 cm

Nick Danziger is one of the world’s most renowned photojournalists. Much of his life has been dedicated to documenting the social and political issues that define our times in best-selling books, in award-winning documentaries and in photography. He has won numerous awards for his work, amongst them is an Honorary Fellowship awarded by the Royal Photographic Society, and the Royal Geographical Society’s Ness Award in recognition of raising public understanding of contemporary social, political and environmental issues. He has also won the World Press Photo 1st prize in the single portrait category. His photographs have been published internationally and are part of several museum collections including the National Portrait Gallery, The National Media Museum, The Morgan Library and Museum.


Made in North Korea.
Granted extraordinary access to parts of North Korea, this is one of the first ever views of inside North Korea and how North Korean citizens go about their daily routines.

British Council Headquarters, London, 15th May – (closing date to be confirmed)

Onze Femmes face à la Guerre – Eleven Women Facing War
Eleven Women Facing War tells eleven stories of women from Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Colombia, the Balkans, Israel and the Palestinian territories. Nick initially photographed these women in conflict zones for an International Committee of the Red Cross study in 2001. Ten years later, he set out to find each one to learn what had become of their lives.

Hotel de Ville, Paris, France 23rd November – 30th November, 2011

Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Canada 8th February – 21st April, 2013

Founders’ Gallery, The Military Museums, Calgary, Canada 8th August – 2nd December, 2013


In 2000, the United Nation’s Eight Millennium Development Goals were put in place to, amongst other objectives, achieve universal primary education, reduce child mortality and improve maternal health. In 2010 Nick retraced his steps from 2005 to find out what has happened to the women and children he met five years previously.
Royal Geographical Society, London, 25th November 2011 – 10th January 2012
The Brindley, Runcorn 25th May – 6th July, 2013

Galerie Ferrero, Nice, France, 14th September – 6th October, 2012

Guerre et Paix : Femmes dans le XXIeme siecle

Salle d’Exposition du Quai Antoine 1er, Monaco, 7th September – 30th September, 2011

Inside the sacred space of the All Black camp – revealing the highs and the lows, the pain and the passion, the commitment and the courage of New Zealand’s iconic sporting team.

Britomart, Auckland, New Zealand, July-August 2011

Missing Lives
Riverside Walkway, Gabriel’s Wharf, London, July 2010
Kalemegdan Fortress, Belgrade, Serbia August-September, 2010
Trg Djece, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina, August-September, 2010
Mother Theresa Square, Pristina, Kosovo, September, 2010
Spanski Trg, Mostar, Bosnia-Hercegovina, September-October, 2010
Bana Milosavljevica, Banja Luka, Repblika Srbska, October, 2010
Trg Strossmayer, ZagrebCroatia, October, 2010
Strasbourg, France, October, 2010
Place du Luxembourg, Brussels, Belgium, October-November, 2010
Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Canada, January-September, 2011
Multicultural Hub, Melbourne, Australia, August-September, 2011
Waisenhausplatz, Berne, Switzerland, August-September, 2011
Washington D.C. (tbc)

The Historic Neighbourhoods and Houses of Herat and Kabul, Afghanistan
Musée des Arts Asiatiques, Nice, France, October 2009 – January 2010 

Between Heaven and Earth: A journey through Christian Ethiopia
Royal Geographical Society, London, September-October 2009
École biblique et archéologique française de Jérusalem, Jerusalem, April 2010
AM Qattan Foundation, Ramallah, April 2010
The French Cultural Center, Nablus, May 2010
Dar Annadwa, The International Center of Bethlehem, Bethlehem, May 2010
Centre Culturel Français Romain Gary de Jérusalem, October 2010
National Museum, Addis Ababa, December 2010
Lalibela World Cultural Centre, Lalibela, Ethiopia, January 2012
Gonder, Ethiopia, December 2012
Axum, Ethiopia, November 2013
Jan Meda, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, January 2014

Women Facing War
Danziger’s pictures highlight the different experiences of 11 women living their lives in countries or regions affected by armed conflict.
Théâtre de la Photographie et de l’Image, Nice, France, November, 2008 – February, 2009

Blair At War
In March 2003, Nick Danziger and Peter Stothard began a 30-day, ground-breaking study of a Prime Minister at war, with unprecedented access to Tony Blair’s inner circle as he faced down an angry nation and deployed British forces against Iraq.
National Portrait Gallery, London, 24 February – 15 July 2007
Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Canada, 28 February – 4 May 2008
Simon Fraser University, Teck Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, November 2008 – February 2009
London Gallery West, University of Westminster, London, 28 January – 21 February 2010

“EIGHT” – Millennium Development Goals
Danziger travelled to eight of the world’s poorest countries and met individuals living in extreme poverty. Through the stories of 40 men, women and children he sought to document the progress being made towards meeting the eight ‘Millennium Development Goals’ set by the United Nations to eradicate poverty by 2015.
London County Hall, London September 2005
The National Library, Singapore, March 2006
The Photographic Society of Singapore, Singapore, April 2006
Wat Phnom Exhibition Centre, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, March 2006
Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand, March 2006
Foreign Correspondents’ Club of South Asia, Delhi, India, March 2006
Monasterio San Nicolo, Lido, Venice, Italy September 2007
British Embassy, Budapest, Hungary, November 2008
International Business School, Budapest, Hungary, December 2008
Centre Culturel Alban Minville, Toulouse, France, November 2009

Behind the Headlines – Afghan Lives
Through individual and personal stories, ‘Behind the Headlines’ gets to the heart of a country often in the news but little understood by those outside its borders.
Host Gallery, London, November 2006
Tron Gallery, Glasgow Spring 2007
Canada House, London, November – December 2007

The British
An intimate visual portrait in which the photographer presents a moving and sometimes disturbing vision of his birthplace. From the hallowed halls of Westminster to the loneliness and fear of inner-city communities beset by crime and unemployment, the exhibition depicts both the grand traditions and gritty reality of life in Great Britain in the 1990s.
The University Gallery, Newcastle, January – February 2002
Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth, May – June 2002
The Maltings, Farnham, December 2002 – January 2003
The Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham, March – April 2003
Dimbola Lodge, Isle of Wight, July – August 2003
Old Museum Arts Centre, Belfast, October – November 2003
Dean Clough, Halifax, October 2003 – January 2004
The Gallery, Oldham, February – March 2004
The Brindley, Runcorn, September – November 2005
Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery, Exeter, March – May 2006
Galerie Soardi, Nice, France June-September 2011
Aras na Macléinn, NUI, Galway, Ireland – 2013

British Journey
British Journey is a record of life in Britain in the mid-­1990s as lived by a forgotten section of society. Danziger spent two years visiting some of the UK’s worst economic blackspots, documenting the lives of people often living on, or below, the poverty line.
The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, Bradford, 1996
The Riverside Studios, London, 1996
The University Gallery, Newcastle 1997
The Wharf, Devon, 1999

Beyond the Forbidden Frontiers
Danziger took pictures while exploring Iran, Afghanistan, Tibet and Bhutan all the way to Beijing, travelling almost entirely by local means – by horse, camel, donkey or tractor – as well as covering a lot of miles by foot.
The Photographers’ Gallery, London, 1987

Palais des Nations, Geneva, 1989

Musée Océanographique, Monaco, 2006

A-Z Angola
Berkeley Square Gallery, London, 2003

A Tale of Three Cities – Glasgow, Kabul, Tijuana
Through the eyes Danziger’s eyes we see disturbing similarities between three apparently very different cities.
The Timothy Taylor Gallery, London, October 1997
Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow, December 1997
Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth 1998
The Granary, Farnham 1998
The Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham 1998
The Wharf, Tavistock, Dorset, May 1999

Danziger’s Travels and Danziger’s Adventures
The National Theatre, London, 1987
The National Theatre, London, 15 June – 25 July 1992

Nick Danziger - Various subjects
The University Gallery, Newcastle 2-25 March 1994
The Oriental Museum, Durham, 1991

Group Exhibition (Selected)

Youth between past and future – City Art Gallery, Pristina, Kosovo, January 2001
Mairie, 1er Arrondisement, Paris
Marie d’Evry, France
The Hulton Getty Gallery, London
Fotofeis, Glasgow
The Watershed, Bristol, 1989
Glasgow’s Art: Selected Prints from the GoMA collection 1960-2001, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow 2004
Human/Nature: Landscape photography from the GoMA collection Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow 2006
Pingyao International Photo Festival, Pingyao, China, 2006
The Art of Photojournalism – Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, NSW, 2007
‘Field(s) from Solférino to Guantanamo’, The International Museum of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent, Geneva, Switzerland. 2007
‘Tocando la Fotografia’, Casa Frontera, Mexico City, Mexico, 2007
‘Monaco Humanitaire’ Grimaldi Forum, Monaco, 2007
‘BABY Picturing the Ideal Human 1840-now’ National Media Museum, Bradford, UK, 2009
‘El arte a través de los sentidos’ Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico City, Mexico, 2009
‘Sculpture Photographie, Un Horizon Commun 1839-2009’ Parc de Sceaux, Paris, 2009
‘Polka #8’ Paris, 2010
‘Portraits of Power’ Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, Italy 30th September – January 2011
‘Mannerism and Modernism’ The Kasper Collection of Drawings and Photographs, The Morgan Library and Museum, New York, 2011
‘With a Conscious Eye’ Osborne Samuel Gallery, London, December 2013

Photographic Works in Museum Collections

The Royal Photographic Society collection at the National Media Museum, Bradford
Julia Margaret Cameron Trust, Dimbola Lodge, Isle of Wight
The Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow
Hillsborough Castle, Hillsborough, N. Ireland
Primary Collection at the National Portrait Gallery, London
Photographic Collection at the National Portrait Gallery, London
Théâtre de la Photographie et de l’Image, Nice, France
The National Media Museum, Bradford
British Council
Morgan Library and Museum, The Kasper Collection, New York, USA

Photographic Publications & Essays (Selected)







PUBLICO (Portugal)




Danziger’s Britain: A journey to the edge  (HarperCollins, Flamingo), 1996

Danziger began his journey in June 1994 as newspapers and magazines throughout the land commemorated the 50th anniversary of the D-Day landing and recalled the Allies’ war aims. For the best part of a year, he lived among the homeless and unemployed in many of the ruined manufacturing and so-called “no-go” areas of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
“This book is so important that every one of us should read it and weep!” The Independent

Danziger’s Adventures : From Miami to Kabul  (HarperCollins, Flamingo), 1993

Danziger’s assignments bring him into contact with both the unimaginably rich in Miami, Palm Beach, and the wretchedly dispossessed in Afghanistan, as well as those living on the borders between Iraq and Turkey, and Mexico and the USA.
“Nick Danziger is the stuff that legends are made of!” Literary Review

Danziger’s Travels: Beyond Forbidden Frontiers (HarperCollins, Flamingo), 1987

After walking and hitch-hiking through southern Turkey and ayatollahs’ Iran, Nick Danziger entered Afghanistan illegally in the wake of a convoy of Chinese weapons, and spent two months dodging Russian helicopter gunships with rebel guerrillas. He was the first foreigner to cross from Pakistan into the closed western province of China since the revolution of 1949.

 Photographic Books

Onze Femmes (Lieux Dits) texte par Frederic Joli 2011

Dix ans après avoir photographiés onze femmes ou jeunes filles meurtries par la guerre, Nick est reparti a leur recherche. Qu’etaient-elles devenus ? Grace a la mobilisations du Comite International de la Croix Rouge, Nick a retrouvé la trace de ces onze femmes et les a re-photographiées dans leur quotidian aujourd’hui. Si pour certains la situation a peu évolué, ce qui rend ce livre boulversant c’est aussi de voir que d’autres se sont reconstruites peu a peu et menent a present une vie normale, loin des turpitudes qu’elles on pu subir. Ces destines, un moment ravages par la guerre et que Nick avait croisés, sont devenus des existences paisibles et ordinaries, presque…

Mana (Hachette) text by James Kerr 2010

For the first time, a camera goes deep inside the sacred space of the All Black camp – revealing the highs and the lows, the pain and the passion, the commitment and the courage of New Zealand’s iconic sporting team as the team builds towards the 2011 Rugby World Cup. The result is a landmark publishing event that looks at the men of the All Blacks and the land that they come from – focussing on how New Zealand has shaped its national team, and how its national team has helped shaped New Zealand.

Missing Lives (Dewi Lewis) text by Rory MacLean 2010

A haunting and unique book on the missing of the Yugoslav wars. Missing Lives — tells fifteen, heartbreaking Balkan stories and also documents how, for the first time in war, DNA is being used to match blood and bone, reuniting families divided by death, enabling survivors to find closure and to begin to live again.

The British (HarperCollins, Flamingo), 2001

In The British Nick Danziger presents a moving and sometimes disturbing vision of his birthplace. From the hallowed halls of Westminster to the loneliness and fear of inner-city communities beset by crime and unemployment, he depicts both the grand traditions and gritty reality of life in Great Britain in 1990s.

Photography Book of The Year, The Sunday Times, 2002

Best Monochrome Illustrated Book, The British Book Design & Production Awards, 2002

Exhibition Catalogues

With a Conscious Eye Osborne Samuel Gallery, London, December 2013

Between Heaven and Earth: A journey through Christian Ethiopia, British Council, 2009

Femmes face à la guerre, Théatre de la Photographie et de l’Image, Nice, France, 2008

Afghanistan: Development in action, Department for International Development (DFID), London, UK 2006

A-Z Angola, Berkeley Square Gallery, London, UK, 2003

Photographic Essays (selected)

Women in Afghanistan a decade after the fall of the Taliban, Oxfam 2011

Mother’s Love, Glasgow, Scotland, Oxfam 2009

War Reparations, Sierra Leone, IOM/NaCSA, 2009

Famine in Ethiopia Oxfam, 2008

Ethiopian Orthodox Church, British Council, 2007

Afghanistan: Development in Action, DFID, November 2006

‘Eight’ Millennium Development Goals (Niger, Zambia, Uganda, Armenia, India, Cambodia, Honduras, Bolivia), World Vision, 2006

A Lack of Candour, BBC Panorama, 2005

Entente Cordiale, BBC4 Today Website, 2004

The Killers (Rwanda), BBC Panorama, 4 April 2004

BBC Broadcasting House Public Art Programme, commissioned by the BBC, 2003-2007

30 Days by Peter Stothard, A month at the heart of Blair’s war (HarperCollins), 2003

A-Z Angola (Berkeley Square Gallery / One World Action), 2003

Britain at 6am, Commissioned by BBC Radio 4 Today programme to produce a portrait of the, 2003 for the BBC website.

The Art of Prior’s Court School (Bohun Gallery), 2002

Limited Edition/Fine Binding, The British Book Design and Production Awards, 2003

Freedom, The British Red Cross (Little Brown), 1995

Crack in the Wall (Hodder & Stoughton), 1993

Countries in Crisis, Iran (Longman), 1989

Books Illustrated with Photos

30 days. A Month at the Heart of Blair’s War, Peter Stothard, HarperCollins, 2003

The Art of Prior’s Court School, Ann Elliott, Bohun Gallery, 2002

Freedom, A Commemorative Anthology to Celebrate the 125th Birthday of the British Red Cross, Little, Brown and Company, 1995

Crack in the Wall (Hodder & Stoughton), 1993

Iran: the Khomeini Revolution, Longman Group UK Limited, 1989

Books About Photography

British Photographers, Insensé photo, No. 8, 2010

Portraits of Power, Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, 2010

Photography in 100 Words: Exploring the Art of Photography with Fifty of its Greatest Masters, Argentum, 2009

The Power of Photography, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Publishing House, 2009

Humanity in War, ICRC, 2009

Photojournalism: The World’s Greatest News Photographers, Carlton Books, 2008

Books (Various)

Grosvenor House The Inheritance and the People, James & James, 2009

Kalachnikov, l’AK47 la conquete du monde, La Sirène, 2003

Mannerism and Modernism The Kasper Collection of Drawings and Photographs, The Morgan Library and Museum, New York, 2011


Revue Lou Can No2, Chroniques Artistiques Niçois, 2012


Femmes face à la guerre, dix ans après, Visa pour l’Image, Perpignan, 2011


Documentary Films

War, Lives & Videotape, BBC, 29 June 1991
(Mon vidéojournal d’Afghanistan, ARTE)
This film follows the story of what happened when Danziger returned to Kabul, Afghanistan, after 2 years to try and negotiate the release of orphaned children abandoned in a derelict asylum growing up among chained inmates. He also gives a portrait of the city under siege and devastated by war.

The film won the following awards:

–        Prix Italia for best television documentary.

–        Special Award, World Television Festival, Nagoya, Japan.

–        First Mention by the Ecumenical Jury at the 23rd International Documentary Film Festival (Nyon, Switzerland),

–     Runner-up Documentary of the Year by the Royal Television Society.

Travelog, Channel 4, 24 December 1993
A travel show aimed at the independent tourist on a limited budget – Pete McCarthy discovers the delights of Hamburg and investigates “twinning” his home town of Warrington with Crema, near Milan.

Down and Out in Paris and London, Channel 4, 1993

This documentary follows in the footsteps of novelist, George Orwell, whose book ‘Down and Out in Paris and London’ exposed conditions of the homeless 60 years ago. He discovers that for the homeless of Paris and London conditions have changed very little.

–        A Channel 4 entry for the Prix Europa Documentary award.

–        Runner-up: Indie Documentary Awards

Adventures in the Land of S.P.L.A.J., Channel 4, 12 July 1993

This documentary gives an often hilarious account of his attempts to gain an interview with Colonel Gaddafi in Libya and penetrate the bureaucracy of the Great SPLAJ (Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahuriya) in Tripoli.

Orphans of War, Channel 4, 1996

The story of Danziger’s quest to bring three orphaned children out of Afghanistan, in the hope of adopting them. The programme follows a year in the life of Danziger and the three children in the West as they adapt to a radically changed lifestyle.

Mongolia, The Discovery Channel, 1999
Danziger goes in search of Mongolia’s Tsaatan people, a dwindling community of nomadic reindeer herders

Afghanistan, The Discovery Channel, 1999
Danziger meets the Kirghiz people of Afghanistan, living in the remotest part of that country and is the first to film them since the beginning of the Soviet-Afghan war.

Niger / Mali, The Discovery Channel, 2000
Danziger travels across part of the Sahara with the Tuareg and human smugglers.

AIDS: The Global Killer, Channel 4 / Tele Piu / Planète, 2000
Danziger talks to: Zambian sex workers who, if the price is right, have unprotected sex, to patients suffering social stigma and from a lack of anti-retroviral drugs and to Roman Catholics willing to make a stand against the Church. He also meets drug addicts in Moscow who share needles with no access to needle exchange, to segregated prisoners, to prostitutes and to British patients who receive drugs.

The Unquiet Peace, BBC / The History Channel, 2001
Nick Danziger returns to Kosovo to trace the refugees he met while covering the war in 1999.

Jacques Henri Lartigue, The boy who never grew up, BBC, 5 July 2004
One of the 20th century’s greatest photographers, Jacques Henri Lartigue, worked in virtual obscurity until 1962 when a chance meeting revealed his work to the world. To coincide with the first ever British retrospective at the Hayward Gallery in London, Danziger explores some of the staggering 250,000 images he took over nine decades.

A Digital Picture of Britain, BBC, 12 June 2007
From Gatwick Airport to a modern day revisit to classic paintings of London – three photographers point the lens in a bid to chronicle their local landscapes in the south-east region of Britain. Using the latest digital technologies, Emily Allchurch, Nick Danziger and Kalpesh Lathigra are challenged to take their own urban, rural and industrial landscapes to create A Digital Picture of Britain in the 21st Century. 

Documentary Series

French Letters (4 films), Channel 4, 1994
French Letters 1, 30 March 1994
A look at the France that tourists never see – illegal immigrants, rundown housing estates and villages with dark secrets. The first programme looks at the sapeurs-pompiers (fire brigade) based in the notorious La Courneuve housing estate in the Paris suburbs.

French Letters 2, 06 April 1994
The work of the Marseilles `illegals’ brigade who seek out clandestine immigrants in France.

French Letters 3, 13 April 1994
Danziger visits a valley in the Vosges where the unsolved murder of a toddler 10 years ago led to notoriety for the village of Lepanges.

Room at the top, 20 April 1994
In the final programme, Danziger goes to Paris to investigate the practice of pistonner – of greasing the pistons of family life with bribery. He concentrates on the Boussentas, a Moroccan immigrant family who lack friends in high places.

Postcards From The Edge (6 films), Channel 4, 1996
This series looks at people who live on the fringes of contemporary Britain using a montage of film and black-and-white stills to present a series of powerful, intimate human stories, narrated by the subjects themselves.

Glasgow, Halifax, 6 June 1996
In this first programme, the testimony of Mary, a mother of nine children, eight of whom have succumbed to the ravages of drugs that affect her part of Glasgow. Also 26-year -old Anthony who confronts his parents in the hope of discovering why they put him in care as a child.

Newcastle, Cardiff, 13 June 1996
Danziger visits Newcastle’s West End to interview an ex-wrestler and war hero who refuses to be intimidated by the gangs of glue-sniffing children terrorising the neighbourhood. He also visits Tiger Bay,Cardiff, to meet a single mother for whom an up-coming DJ job and singing career may lead her to a possible way out of drugs and despair.

Barrow-in-Furness, Skerray, 20 June 1996
The final programme in the three-part series looks at two former shipworkers who, after 35 years at the Vickers shipyard, were forced into uncertainty and unemployment following mass redundancies, and at a young family trying to make a go of crofting in the isolated community of Skerray in the Scottish Highlands.

The Fight For Hearts and Minds (2 films), Channel 4, 1997

The heart transplant, 6 January1997
First of a two-part report by photo-journalist Nick Danziger from the National Health Service frontline. In the first part he uses his own black and white stills to reveal the stresses and fears of a trainee heart surgeon at Harefield Hospital in Middlesex. The film Includes Nick Danziger’s black and white stills.

The breaking point, 7 January 1997
The second in the two-part series on the NHS is a rare insight into life within the walls of a psychiatric hospital on the National Health Service. During a night on call, two junior doctors at the Maudsley hospital in South London are faced with suicide attempts, manic outbursts and a woman who is brought in by the police for creating a disturbance.

The Establishment (6 films), Channel 4, 1999

A six-part series in which Danziger meets six archetypal establishment figures. The documentaries includes some of the photographer’s black and white stills.

The Duke of  Westminster, 14 March 1999
This first programme focuses on the Duke of Westminster, Britain’s richest landowner. The Duke talks about running an international business, and about how inheriting his title ended his dreams of a quiet life.

The Bishop of Durham, 21 March 1999
The film has two parallel themes and narratives. The first is the position of the Church of England in relation to the local communities and second is concerned with Bishop Michael Turnbull himself, a man who has a very strong, quiet faith and often struggles against his natural personality to fulfil his very public duties.

The Commander-in-Chief , Army, 28 March 1999
Danziger shadows General Sir Michael Walker, Commander-in-Chief of the Army, as he awaits the Government’s Strategic Defence Review.

The Masters of Trinity College, 11 April 1999
Danziger visits Trinity College, Cambridge, to gain an insight into the workings of this closeted, archaic institution and the people who run it. The Master, Sir Michael Atiyah, retires and is succeeded by Prof Amatya Sen. Contributions from Prof Sir Michael Berridge, Dr Greg Winter, Prof Gareth Jones and head porter Rodney Eusden.

The Editor of the Times, 18 April 1999
Danziger profiles the editor of The Times, Peter Stothard. Filmed over several months, the programme presents an intimate portrait of the man and a revealing insight into one of the most prestigious jobs in journalism.

Lord Gowrie –  Patron of the Arts, 25 April 1999
Danziger follows Lord Gowrie as he prepares to step down after four years as chairman of the Arts Council of Great Britain.

Out of Kosovo (10 films), Channel 4, 1999

Ten one-minute films revealing the individual stories of men, women and children caught up in the latest Balkan conflict.

Women Facing War (11 films), ICRC, 2002

The impact of armed conflict on women seen through the eyes of women in countries or regions affected by war throughout the word. Filmed in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Mariatu, an amputee victim of the brutal conflict in Sierra Leone, recounts her story.
Shihnaz lives with daily fear of threats to her personal safety in the West Bank.
Sarah, a survivor of sexual violence Sierra Leone, recounts her story.
Qualam describes her life as a refugee in Afghanistan.
Dzidza lost her husband and two sons at Srebrenica over ten years ago.
Olja in Serbia describes her feelings on learning finally of her missing husband’s death.
Efrat awaits news of her brother, an Israeli border patrol soldier who has gone missing.
Amanda detained for her role in armed conflict.
Zakiya supports herself and her seven children in Gaza in the absence of her detained husband.

Watan-i-dur (8 films) Public Service Announcement for Afghan Television, 2006
Each of the eight short films features an Afghan’s individual story about migration both legal and clandestine. The films, which were broadcast in both Pashtu and Dari, are composed of Danziger’s colour still photographs.


Black & White (with Elsworth Kelly) Robert Fraser Gallery, London, 1983
The Robert Fraser Gallery, London, September – October 1983
The Riverside Studios, London, 9-28 June, 1981
The E.J. Brown Gallery, New York, December 1976

Group Shows (selected) 

Lubium Biennale, Mantova, Italy, 1997
John Moores 12, Walker Art Gallery,  Liverpool, 1980/81
The London Group, Morley Gallery, London, 1981
Trends 1981, The Mall Galleries, London, 1981
New Contemporaries, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 1981
Video at Air, Air Gallery, London, 1981
House Construction, House Gallery, London, 1981
British Contemporary Art, Yamaki Gallery, Osaka, Japan, 1981
British Contemporary Art, Galerie Nichido Nagoya, Nagoya, Japan, 1982
Small Works, Newcastle Polytechnic Art Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1982
Nick Danziger and John Read, Chelsea School of Art, London, 1984
Group Show, Kapil Jariwala Gallery, London, 1987
Arts Council, Mantua, Italy
British Council, Osaka, Japan
Royal Academy, London
New Contemporaries , ICA, London, 1999
ARTE, Monaco

Various Articles (selected)


Radios (selected)

Regular broadcasts: BBC World Service, Today, Start The Week, Women’s Hour, PM, BBC Radio 5 Live, numerous local, national and international radio stations.

BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs
BBC Radio 4 Great Lives – Tintin

BBC Radio 4 The Forum – Second Chances


The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, 1982
The Fellow in Photography National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, 1994
Prix Italia, 1992
Special Award, The World Television Festival, Japan 1993
Broadcast Award, Best Single Documentary, UK, 1999
AMADE, Journalist of the Year, 1999
Ness Award, The Royal Geographical Society, 2000
Face Value, Geographical Magazine, Photography of the Year, 2001
Special Award, Festival Nord-Sud Geneva, 2002
Premio Russo, Italy, Journalist of the Year, 2002
IFCT Best Short Documentary (runner-up), New York, 2003
World Press Photo, 1st Prize Single Portrait Award, 2004
Nikon Photo Essay of the Year, Special Award, 2004
China International Press Photo Contest on Peace & Development, Silver Award, 2005
China International Press Photo Contest on Peace & Development, Honorary Mention, 2005
National Magazine Award, Single-Topic Issue to Newsweek for the election special issue, 2005
Honorary Fellowship, Royal Photographic Society, 2007
Bahrain Human Rights International Film Festival, Best Documentary, 2008
CBA-DFID Programme Development Fund, 2009
Neville Shulman Challenge Award, 2010
Officier de l’Ordre du Mérite Culturel, Monaco 2012

Nominations (selected)

Best Journalism / Current Affairs, RTS, 2000
Best Journalism / Current Affairs, BAFTA, 2000
Amnesty International Media Award, 1998
Journalist of The Year, Royal Television Society, 1997
The Grierson Award for Best Television Documentary, 1997
Best Television Series, Royal Television Society, 1997
The Grierson Award for Best Television Documentary, 1997
Journalist of The Year, Royal Television Society, 1997

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Asia Society, New York • Royal Geographical Society, London & Hong Kong

Ford • IBM SiemensJardine Matheson • Deutsche Bank • HSBC • CEO • Cunard • Nomura • Hong Kong Land Barclays Wealth Hongkong Land •The Women’s Forum The Skoll World Forum • Travel Photographer of the Year • International Media Seminar

Numerous universities, art schools, & museums
After dinner speaking
Special interests
Charities and fund raising events: The International Committee of the Red Cross • Voluntary Service Overseas • One World Acton


Naladaway and Oasis India, Chennai, India, 2010 (Participatory photography)
Foto Festival, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, 2010 & 2012
Creative Enterprise Programme, Lagos, Nigeria, 2011
British Council, Myanmar, 2013


Olympus Cameras Kodak Fuji Film Ford Motor Co. Rover • North Face CragHoppers Billingham Bags


Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, 1998–    Advisory Council Member,
Action Innocence – Vice-president, 2002-
Mission Enfance – member,
Learning for Life – adviser 2000-2007,
Photovoice – Patron, 2009-


1976 -1979 Chelsea School of Art, Painting, BA (1st class Honours)
1980 – Chelsea School of Art, Fine Arts, MA
1981 – Visiting lecturer at art schools and universities
1982 – Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
2004 – Birmingham City University, D.Univ (Honorary)
2005 – 2008 Program Director, Cinema and Human Rights Summer School editions: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th at The European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratization (EIUC)
2010 – Program Director, Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy Summer School, University of Galway
2011 – Adjunct Professor, Huston School of Film and Digital Media and Irish Centre for Human Rights (ICHR), National University of Ireland Galway.

Articles about Nick Danziger:

What happens when a photojournalist travels to revisit his subjects?

When Nick Danziger returned to Niger five years after his first visit, the relationships he had formed took on an added depth. The Guardian: