"Impressions about Irkutsk"

by  Nick Danziger & Laure Fissore

May 13, 6:30 pm

This event will only be INIVITATION ONLY. For further details please contact us

Two Monegasque artists, a photojournalist Nick Danziger and a painter Laure Fissore, independently and at different times expressed their “Impressions about Irkutsk” from Siberia in their works gathered around this theme by Monaco Fine Arts Gallery in Monaco.

For Nick, the author for three books and several awards winner, primarily focus was on daily life of Russian city inhabitants, so he captured them in a black and white unusual photo interpretation. While Laure conveyed typical landscapes through her paintings executed in watercolour, ink and pastel, as well as striking portraits of people she has known or met in Irkutsk depicted in her numerous notebook sketches.

Sensitivity and fineness of two artists’ works are palpable in the expressions of this part of Siberia, where life conditions sometimes could be quite harsh.

Exhibition will be held till 20th May 2015.